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Windmills generate energy upwind. So can you!

We will empower you to take your next step irrelevant what phase you are in, from inception and/or innovation and/or adaption.

We are inspired, experienced and powered by ideas, approaches, tools, methods and certified experience from various thought leaders including, but not limited to, John Hagel, Peter Senge, Simon Sinek, Tim Brown @ IDEO, Alexander Osterwalder @ Strateqyzer, Josh Bersin by Deloitte, IBM Institute of Business Value , Henry Mintzberg and Gary Hamel. Combined we focus on everything from idea generation to organisational (re)design.

To accelerate your transformation we have refined our own tools and frameworks based on real life service innovation in ordet to

  1. close the productivity gap with an engaged workforce that stays longer
  2. manage mutual expectations when you engage earlier and longer with your clients in innovatio
  3. close the capability gap that comes with new value propositions and their supporting business models
  4. story-tell along each steps in your purpose-driven and continued journey and narrative

To inspire you and your team we can schedule an inspirational framing session to fit your needs to take your next step.

You can always use us as interim since we have proven and certified expertise from primarily four senior international leadership roles:

  • business development & sales in B2B space
  • strategy & change and organisational design consulting
  • strategic HR hands- on covering all Human Capital Management Disciplines, HRtech and HR analytics
  • value creation and benefits realization via constant service innovation